Aleycia Crawford, owner of Eye Kandy has made her dream studio come to life!  Her long time vision was to have multiple sets and backgrounds without having to take one down to change to another. She has numerous custom built, one of a kind themed backgrounds, and photography sets so that her clients have the biggest variety to choose from for their portraits. For our Boudoir photography ,themes range from the classic bedroom scenes in both a dark motif and a light and airy look, but we also have a carved red victorian couch, and much more!  For our Vintage Pin-up themes we have everything from a life sized keyhole, to a vintage circus knife throwers wheel, to a 1950's style kitchen, "paper moon" set with a real crescent moon that you can sit on, and MUCH, MUCH, MORE!  We also go on location if you have a vehicle, location, or airplane that you would like photos with!


Eye Kandy Photography  

Celebrating our 10th year in business!

Eye Kandy Photography


Owner/ Photographer:

Aleycia Crawford

Professional Photographer, Graphic Designer, Professional automotive airbrush artist and body painter.